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Staff Directory

Two Staff Directories

You will find two versions of the Staff Directory below.  The top section shows all staff members' names, positions, classrooms, phone numbers, and email addresses.  Scroll down for the School Loop staff directory, which provides links to teachers' websites (highlighted in orange if available) as well as links to an email form for each teacher.

Staff Email and Websites

The staff members listed below can be contacted via email through School Loop, the website hosting service used by Don Callejon School.  To contact a teacher using the email form, please click on the envelope icon next to his/her name.

Some teachers have their own websites hosted through School Loop.  If a website is available, you may click on a teacher's name below to access his/her page.

Contact Melissa Aiono  Melissa Aiono Staff
Contact Clair Alvies  Clair Alvies (408) 423-3395 ex: 3446 Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Araceli Arreola  Araceli Arreola (408) 423-3309 Middle School Secretary
Contact Christine Azzopardi  Christine Azzopardi Teacher
Contact Nicole Bilte  Nicole Bilte Teacher
Contact Miss Borgstadt  Miss Borgstadt (408) 423-3359 Second Grade Teacher
Contact Kristen Bright  Kristen Bright Teacher
Contact Dana Brown  Dana Brown (408) 423-3362 6th Grade Reading, Science, Language Arts Teacher
Contact Brenna Burnette  Brenna Burnette Teacher
Contact Ryan Chappell  Ryan Chappell Teacher
Contact Shannon Connelly  Shannon Connelly (408) 423-3376 3rd Grade Teacher E-3
Contact Gina Corsello  Gina Corsello (408) 423-3327 Teacher
Contact Paige Cruz  Paige Cruz Teacher
Contact Scott Duka  Scott Duka Teacher
Contact John Duong  John Duong Teacher
Contact Lisa Farmer  Lisa Farmer (408) 423-3310 Elementary Secretary
Contact Ashley Ferrari  Ashley Ferrari Teacher
Contact Kristina Furtado  Kristina Furtado Attendance Clerk
Contact Ashley Harman  Ashley Harman Teacher
Contact Hannah Johnson  Hannah Johnson Teacher
Contact Ms. Kelly  Ms. Kelly Teacher
Contact Mary Kim  Mary Kim Teacher
Contact Jennifer Kontich  Jennifer Kontich Teacher
Contact Megan Kunis  Megan Kunis Teacher
Contact Melissa Le  Melissa Le Teacher
Contact David Ledesma  David Ledesma Teacher
Contact Joy Lindsay  Joy Lindsay Teacher
Contact Charyliz Macasero  Charyliz Macasero Teacher
Contact Goldie Malone  Goldie Malone Teacher
Contact Hardeep Mann  Hardeep Mann Teacher
Contact Pedro Martinez  Pedro Martinez Teacher
Contact Alana McBride  Alana McBride ex: 3338 Teacher
Contact Lisa McConnell  Lisa McConnell Teacher
Contact Kimberly Moorman  Kimberly Moorman Teacher
Contact Kosuke Okamura  Kosuke Okamura Teacher
Contact Jose Pacheco  Jose Pacheco Staff
Contact Mary Penix  Mary Penix Staff
Contact Nuzhath Quadri  Nuzhath Quadri Staff
Contact Danielle Quenon  Danielle Quenon ex: 3367 Science Teacher
Contact Kathleen Raffetto  Kathleen Raffetto (408) 423-3392 ex: 3392 Teacher
Contact Melissa Rich  Melissa Rich Teacher
Contact Janis Roth Soto  Janis Roth Soto (408) 423-3329 Read 180, Public Speaking, and Academic Success
Contact Aaron Schomberg  Aaron Schomberg Assistant Principal
Contact Carmen Silveira  Carmen Silveira (408) 423-3306 Registrar
Contact Isabel Sousa  Isabel Sousa Teacher
Contact Helen Spencer  Helen Spencer Teacher
Contact Christine Surber  Christine Surber Teacher
Contact Ms. Meredith Tanaka  Ms. Meredith Tanaka (408) 423-3374 2nd grade Teacher
Contact Christina Taylor  Christina Taylor Teacher
Contact Michele Taylor  Michele Taylor (409) 423-3340 Librarian
Contact Hanh Truong  Hanh Truong Teacher
Contact Barbara Tuma  Barbara Tuma Teacher
Contact Ms. Whitney Uyeda  Ms. Whitney Uyeda (408) 423-3363 6th Teacher: Rdg.,Math, & Lang. Arts
Contact Melissa Wallace Jimenez  Melissa Wallace Jimenez (408) 423-3366 7th Grade Math Teacher/Room B-10
Contact Alice Williams  Alice Williams (408) 423-3377 1st Grade Teacher, 8th Grade Girls Volleyball Coach
Contact Eric Witter  Eric Witter Principal
Contact Amleset Yohannes  Amleset Yohannes (408) 423-3304 Assistant Principal
Contact Graham Young  Graham Young (408) 423-3302 5th Grade Teacher-Room B17
Contact Briana Zaporta  Briana Zaporta Teacher