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Third Grade Supply List

Third Grade Supply List (all classes)



Item Directions Image
2 boxes of 24 pencils

Dixon Ticonderoga recommended

pre-sharpened is helpful

Box of 24 crayons

Crayola recommended

Twistables or regular

no larger than 24

Box of colored pencils

Crayola Twistables recommended

no larger than 24

colored pencils.PNG
Plastic pencil box   pencil box.PNG
3-4 pink erasers   erasers.PNG
Box of markers

Crayola recommended

no more than pack of 12

Set of watercolor paints

Crayola recommended

no more than 12 colors


3 glue sticks

Elmer's disappearing purple recommended


glue sticks.PNG

Needs inches and centimeters 

NOT bendy 

clear/see-through and flat recommended


2 composition books   composition book.PNG
6 sturdy, two-pocket folders

NO brads/prongs 

prefer one of each red, orange,

yellow, green, blue, purple 

3 boxes of Kleenex


other brands OK 

more than 3 is great and super helpful


no larger than 3 inch blades

strong scissors are better


label with your child's name or put in a 

Ziploc bag with your child's name on it

earbuds are OK, but

headphones work better

 multi-colored Expo markers


more than 4 is helpful

1 box Band Aids

not necessary,

but would be appreciated

flexible fabric recommended

band aid.PNG
pack of Sharpies

black or colors



any color

multiple colors are great 

1 ream Astro Bright colored paper

any color

NOT card stock please

bright paper.PNG
thin tip markers Crayola preferred
sticky notes

"super sticky" is helpful

5-6 pads should be fine, 

but more is helpful




Different brands are fine as long as the product is comparable.