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Student Google Accounts

Students now  have access to Google  accounts! For third grade, we will be mostly using them to create and share documents. The email feature for student accounts has been disabled, but students can still share documents with teachers and parents. We practiced logging in to our Google accounts in computer lab today (November 2) and will continue to use them to practice typing skills. Parents, any help you can give your child with navigating is very much appreciated. 

How to Log in to Your Student Google Account

  1. The view may change depending on the computer you are using. 
  2. Get to the Google home page.
  3. In the top right corner, select Log in. If you can not select log in, click on the 3x3 array (the Google apps menu) and choose Drive or Docs and follow the directions until you get to the log in screen.
  4. Your "email" is the letter s, your six digit student number, and For example:
  5. Your password is: the first letter of your last name, capitalized (for me it would be K), the first letter of your first name, lowercase (for me it would be j) and your birthday (let's pretend my birthday is June 3, 1926) so my pretend password would be Kj06031926
  6. The username and password part can be tricky at first, but once students get used to it they will be able to log in easily. If kids


Creating and Sharing Documents

  1. Once logged in, you can use the Google apps menu to get to Google Docs and create a new document.
  2. If you have already started a document, you can find it in your Google Drive.
  3. When your document is ready, you can click on the Share button on the top right of the screen. Put in my email address ( and/or your parents' email addresses to share your work!


Typing Agent

If students want to use Typing Agent at home, please follow this link. Student user names are the letter s followed by their student number. For example, s123456. Their password is the word typing, all lower case.

School Loop Accounts

Students have signed up for School Loop so that they can ask me questions and communicate via Loop Mail and use their lockers to store documents. Student usernames, in most cases, are their first and last names together. For example, jenniferkelly. Their password, in most cases, is their student number.