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Electronic Sign Birthday Greetings

Get your student's name up in lights with birthday greetings on the DCS electronic sign!  Your message will scroll with other daily calendar information.  Messages will run for one day only.

Cost:  $25 for the day

Submit the completed form attached below to the DCS School Office at least two weeks prior to your requested birthday message posting date. All proceeds will go to DCSCO and support our school.  Space is limited, first come, first served.

Electronic Sign Birthday Greeting Form

DCSCO Parent Group


Welcome to DCSCO

The Don Callejon School Community Organization (DCSCO) is the parent group for Don Callejon School. As a parent or guardian of a student in the school, you are welcome and encouraged to be a member! There are no dues to join.

Keep up to date and find ways to get involved with our website,, and our Facebook page,

DCSCO members include parents, school staff, students, and other individuals in the community.
DCSCO has the following primary goals:

  1. Raise money to support the school
  2. Recruit and coordinate volunteers to support the school
  3. Inform the community about the school
  4. Serve as a liaison with the school/District for parents

DCSCO is a non-profit California corporation with tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status, allowing donations to be tax-deductible EIN #77-0654513.